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Sharon Easky joins PrivatBank's new Management Board

Photo: PrivatBank

Photo: PrivatBank

The new composition of the Management Board of PrivatBank has elected Sharon Easky, who previously worked as an international adviser to the U.S. Treasury Technical Assistance Office and expert advisor at the International Monetary Fund.

Easky noted that the new board understands the big challenges and is confident that they will be overcome. "Together with the bank’s management, we are ready to continue the further qualitative transformation of the institution," she said, the bank’s press service said.

Ukraine's Finance Minister Oksana Markarova said the new composition of the board will "stabilize, improve, develop and return PrivatBank to the market through privatization until 2022." She promised that for its part, her ministry would make the future privatization "as transparent and efficient as possible."

The Management Board of PrivatBank consists of six independent members (Sharon Easky, Eran Klein, Nadir Shaikh, Sebastian Prinz Von Shoenaich-Carolath, Olga Tomash and Roman Sulzhik) and three representatives of the state, in particular from the president, parliament and government (Julia Metzger, Sergiy Oleksienko and Artem Shevalev).

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