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Diana Polunina

Diana Polunina

Where to find a job: In a messenger or on a recruiting website

More than half of Ukrainians have already become users of social channels: social networks and instant messengers. And they have learned to hunt for jobs there. This is a blow to traditional services, but not the final one. And that's why.

Ukraine entered the "yellow" zone: How the business will work and what are the exceptions for the vaccinated

Since September 23, Ukraine has moved into the "yellow" zone of the epidemic danger of the COVID-19 spread. In this regard, new quarantine restrictions came into effect in the country from 00:00 today. The Page figured out how the business would work under the new regulations, what fines for violations and privileges for the vaccinated would be.

Fines up to 170,000 UAH and imprisonment: Cabinet proposed to impose liability for forging a vaccination certificate

At a meeting on September 22, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft law that imposes criminal liability and fines for forging vaccination documents, including against COVID-19.

Ukraine to impose compulsory vaccination against coronavirus in educational institutions and for officials

In Ukraine, mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 will be imposed for officials and employees of educational institutions. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said this at a meeting on September 22, adding that this would happen in accordance with the Ministry of Health order.