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Diana Polunina

Diana Polunina

30-meter New Year's trees, nativity scene, and entertainment show: How largest cities of Ukraine celebrate New Year and how much does it cost

Like every year on St. Nicholas Day, namely on December 19, 2021, the opening of the main New Year trees was held in most Ukrainian cities. How they look in the largest cities of the country, how much they cost, as well as what New Year's events one can visit in these cities for the New Year holidays 2021—2022—in The Page’s article.

Salary and vacancy growth and hybrid schedule. What labor market showed in 2021

The labor market in Ukraine at the end of 2021 showed significant changes indicating that business is adapting to new conditions. Who in the country has earned the most this year, what specialists are most in demand in Ukraine, what are the dynamics of salaries in different regions of the country and the trends in the labor market—The Page shares the details.

Top paid professions in Ukraine: Who earns the most and where

The average salary of formally employed personnel in Ukraine, according to the State Statistics Service, amounted to 14,000 UAH in November. However, there are professions whose representatives earn more. Who and how much one earns in Ukraine by vacancies, in what regions the salaries are the highest, what the most paid vacancies are in different regions of the country—in the article of The Page.