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Agrarian Fund lobbies in United States for opening Ukraine's land market

Photo: Ukrinfrom

Photo: Ukrinfrom

The Agrarian Fund has told The Page that its chief Andriy Rachenko is currently in Washington, D.C. discussion upcoming land reform in Ukraine and the opening of the country’s farmland sales market.

"The head of the company is indeed on a business trip in the U.S. capital. He is actively promoting land reform there. Radchenko has repeatedly announced his support for land reform in Ukraine in his previous interviews," the Agrarian Fund’s press service said.

The office confirmed Agrarian Fund’s cooperation with Yorktown Solutions, an American consulting company that promotes the fund’s products on the American market. Yorktown Solutions organizes meetings with American trade and industry associations, enhances the investment attractiveness of Agrarian Fund and improves its financial strategy.

Russia Today earlier accused Agrarian Fund of lobbying for agricultural reform in Ukraine. It said Ukraine’s government through Radchenko was promoting land reform in the United States with experts opining "the introduction of the land market will cause riots by farmers, peasants, and rural residents."

Radchenko in Washingtont, D.C. also spoke about plans to raise UAH 5 billion in additional funds for Agrarian Fund by issuing corporate bonds for expanding forward programs for lending to Ukrainian farmers. 

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