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Oleg Gavrish

Oleg Gavrish

How to make a new sport. Interview with Battle Mile founder Yuri Pidnebesny

In early December, break dancing was added to the program of the 2020 Olympic Games. Last year, the owners of the UFC earned more than $4 billion. The owner of the legendary triathlon company Ironman plans to sell it for $1 billion. Such news shows that the sport is changing rapidly. One such example we have in Ukraine — the Battle Mile competition. Yuri Pidnebesny, the founder of Battle Mile, told The Page how to come up with a new kind of sport competition and make money on it.

A step back. What's happening to the National Bank of Ukraine

Recently, the question "whether or not there will be an IMF loan" has turned into a matter of the Ukrainian economy's survival. And relations with the IMF, in turn, have bumped up against the "NBU’s independence", which is demanded by the International Monetary Fund itself, and the US embassy, and the G7, and international investors. It is not easy to understand what actually stands behind the "NBU’s independence", but it is possible: to do this you need to look at what changes took place after the resignation of Yakiv Smolii and the appointment of Kyrylo Shevchenko as the new chairman of the NBU.

Coronavirus vaccine in Ukraine: when will it appear and how many Ukrainians are ready to be vaccinated

The Ministry of Health is negotiating on purchasing vaccines from Pfizer and several other companies. If they agree for Ukraine to receive the vaccine, then it is most likely that it will appear in the state in April-May 2021.