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Oleg Gavrish

Oleg Gavrish

"Poroshenko tried to act as best he could in the interests of Ukraine." Former Head of Naftogaz about gas talks 2014

In June, journalist Denys Bihus published the so-called "Medvedchuk tapes", from which it follows that Medvedchuk, in conversations with the leadership of Gazprom, promised to support ex-President Petro Poroshenko in addressing gas problems. It follows from the context of the conversation of the Opposition Platform—For Life (OPFL) leader that back in 2014 he could establish a new RosUkrEnergo that would deal with the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine at prices much higher than market prices. Medchedchuk himself says that Poroshenko is helping him. How he instructed the leadership of Naftogaz to lobby for Moscow's interests during the talks. Whether there was such an instruction to the then head of Naftogaz, Andriy Kobolyev did not comment to Denys Bihus. However, Kobolyev spoke about this in an interview with The Page, and also disclosed details and assessed the results of the gas talks in 2014.

Vaccination passports: the Ministry of Health has compared how they will work in Ukraine and the EU

The EU may begin to recognize Ukrainian vaccination passports as early as summer 2021. At the same time, such vaccination certificates will be useful in Ukraine as well—due to them, in the event of strict quarantine, Ukrainians will be able to work and visit establishments.

From 300 to 3,000 UAH: how much will Easter basket cost Ukrainians in 2021

The cost of the minimum Easter basket in 2021 in Ukraine reaches 315 UAH.

Earning money on birds: how to set up a quail farm and how much income it brings

To set up a quail farm in Ukraine, $20,000—$30,000 are needed. It starts to bring profit from the first year of operation, and fully pays off in three to five years.

Land reform: how much will a hectare cost and who will be able to buy it

On July 1, the land reform will come into force in Ukraine. However, so far only individuals can acquire land and no more than 100 hectares per person. At the same time, farmers are in no hurry in making plans to buy land.