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Julia Danilenko

Julia Danilenko

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of SPEKA

"We’re egoists. Ukraine has to win." How Estonia counters Russian influence: An interview with Kaimo Kuusk

Kaimo Kuusk, Estonian ambassador to Ukraine, had been working in foreign intelligence for 21 years, and the subject of his graduate thesis was Russian geopolitics. Mr. Kuusk’s grandfather was Ukrainian, and the ambassador says that Ukraine is a priority of Estonian foreign policy and wears a pin designed by an Estonian artist with Ukrainian and Estonian flags combined.

Breaking the spear of propaganda. How British lawyers are fighting for the Wagner PMC to be designated as terrorists

This week, an act was introduced in the U.S. Congress to designate the Russian-based PMC Wagner Group as a terrorist organization. Earlier, Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, met with Jason McCue, head of the London-based law firm McCue Jury & Partners, which is bringing legal action against the Wagner Group. The lawsuit will be filed on behalf of Ukrainian nationals who suffered from Russian terror. It claims that Prigozhin, his PMC, and Putin’s war machine have conspired to terrorize the people of Ukraine and are using unlawful means to this end.

How long the war will last and what the Ukrainian Armed Forces should do after they retake Crimea: theses by Valerii Zaluzhnyi

Will the aggression stop, when will Ukraine retake Crimea, what does the Ukrainian army need for the counteroffensive, and how long will the war last?

Apple presented the new iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. What’s interesting about them and how much do they cost?

Apple presented new iPhone and Apple Watch models in the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple Park campus in California.