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Zelenskyi’s interview, border blockade, and conservative friends of Ukraine: highlights from Western mass media

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi gave an exclusive interview to The Associated Press, commenting on the battlefield situation and international politics. The president also urged to strengthen defense lines.

The secret Kerch tunnel, elections in the Netherlands, and Trump losing donors: highlights from Western news

Ukrainian security services obtained emails revealing secret plans by Russian and Chinese corporations to build a tunnel, which would connect occupied Crimea with Russia and be protected from attacks by Ukraine.

The threat of Trump’s victory and draft dodgers in Ukraine: highlights from Western news

The media is embracing the anxiety of realizing the consequences of Donald Trump's likely victory in the 2024 U.S. presidential election. Meanwhile, the BBC assesses the scale of draft evasion in Ukraine and the authorities' plans to counter it, CNN reports on the failure of EU plans to supply ammunition to Ukraine, and Reuters explains why Moscow benefits from supporting Hamas terrorists.

Concerns over the U.S. support and Orban’s new demands: a digest of Western mass media

Debates around spending bills for the year ahead are ongoing in the U.S. Congress. Despite the replacement of the speaker, the House of Representatives still hasn’t reached an agreement on aid to Ukraine, spending cuts, and other issues, with only a week remaining to settle them.

A good month for Putin and a roadmap for Ukraine’s European integration: a digest of Western mass media

October was probably the best month for the Russian dictator, who waits patiently for his adversaries to become exhausted, says The Washington Post’s columnist.

A suggested terrorist conspiracy and Russia’s battlefield failure: a digest of Western mass media

The newly elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives faces a trial by the state budget problems that led to the ousting of his predecessor. Meanwhile, the White House is commenting on the failure of the Russian offensive on Avdiivka, and a summit is being held in Brussels where EU leaders are discussing aid to Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy warns of a conspiracy between the Kremlin terrorist regime and Hamas.

Ukraine reclaims the Black Sea and braces for the winter: a digest of Western mass media

Ukraine prepares for the coming winter despite being unable to fully repair the damage Russian attacks caused to its energy system. Meanwhile, Britain praises Ukraine’s victory over the Russian Black Sea fleet, the U.S. Republicans split as to aid to Ukraine as the House speaker race unfolds, and Donald Trump caused another turmoil by disclosing sensitive information.

The U.S. stumbles over aid to Ukraine in the budget while Canada argues over the Galicia division

The EU is set to impose tougher control over companies sourcing electronic components found in Russian weapons. Meanwhile, Romania is strengthening its Eastern border amid Russian attacks in the Danube area, the U.S. stumbles over next year’s budget, and Canada argues over Ukrainian Nazi collaborators after the uproar caused by the praising of a Ukrainian veteran in parliament.

The AFU drive invaders away, Zelenskyi persuades the U.S., and Eastern Europe is deluged with anti-Ukraine sentiments

Ukrainian forces broke through more defense lines of the occupiers, approaching the first strategic goal of the counteroffensive in the south, the city of Tokmak. Meanwhile, Zelenskyi is convincing American lawmakers not to stop supporting Kyiv, and in the eastern EU countries, which have been the Ukraine’s staunchest allies since the full-scale invasion — Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, and Bulgaria — support is waning; instead, anti-Ukrainian voices are gaining strength.

The West seeks condemnation of Russia, Reznikov publishes a warning, and Moscow conspires with Pyongyang

In the run-up to the Group of 20 summit, Western leaders are putting pressure on India, which still tries to avoid confrontation with Moscow. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom aspires to release Ukrainian grain exports from Russian "stranglehold", Oleksii Reznikov warns his ex-colleagues about the danger of negotiating with an aggressor, and Western experts analyze the possible results of Putin and Kim Jong Un renewing a Stalin-era partnership.

Western experts peeved by Kyiv unwilling to give up territories, while Kuleba rebuffs the criticism of Ukraine’s offensive

The New York Times bewails a taboo around discussion of "peace through compromise" with Russia; Politico cites Kuleba’s response to the criticism of the counteroffensive; Reuters reports about Russia’s threat to block the final declaration of the G20 summit.

Prigozhin was killed, Trump was booked into jail, and the U.S. announced training on the F-16

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is making progress in the Zaporizhzhia region, the U.S. will begin training Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 in October, and Moscow is forcing foreign companies to sell their assets for nothing when leaving the Russian market. Meanwhile, The Guardian wonders why Evgeny Prigozhin lived so long after the mutiny, and The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump surrendered at an Atlanta jail.

The Russian GRU recruits Ukrainians in Poland, while ex-POWs share evidence of torture at Russian detention facility

The Russian GRU recruits Ukrainians in Poland; ex-POWs share evidence of torture at Russian detention facility; Jens Stoltenberg downplayed the idea of possible territorial concessions by Ukraine suggested by Stian Jenssen, a NATO official. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s supporters publish threats to jurors in the ex-president’s case.

A sex scandal in Ukraine’s army and delayed F-16 training for Ukrainian pilots

Ukraine will likely have to endure another year without F-16 fighter jets since training for Ukrainian pilots faces delays. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba acknowledged that Ukraine needs to counter Russian influence in places like Africa to expand the circle of countries backing it.

Ukraine commits its reserves in the south, while the Wagner Group threatens NATO

Ukrainian troops have stepped up their counteroffensive in southern Ukraine, using tanks and other Western-provided equipment. Josep Borrell calls on the world to respond to Russia’s cynical policy of blocking the Grain Deal and bombing Ukraine’s civil infrastructure. Meanwhile, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warns of a new threat from Belarus as the Russian Wagner Group might carry out "sabotage actions," and Donald Trump is presented with one more criminal case, which prompts his former allies to turn their backs on the ex-president.