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Maryna Serbyna

Maryna Serbyna


Uneasy balancing: why Southeast Asian countries are maintaining neutrality with respect to Ukraine

Following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, many members of the international community strongly condemned the aggressor country.

What relations Ukraine has with the Global South and how to improve them

Most Western countries support Ukraine in the full-scale war with Russia in word and deed by condemning the terrorist country and supplying Ukraine with weapons, equipment, humanitarian aid, and more.

From fringe to mainstream. Why are right-wing movements gaining popularity in Europe and will it affect Ukraine?

European voters tend to favor far-right parties. The far-right turn became evident during the latest elections in Italy and Sweden and was also corroborated by political trends in France, Hungary, Spain, and elsewhere.

Progressive models of the world’s armies. How experience from the U.S., Israel, and Switzerland can be helpful for Ukraine

On October 14, Ukraine celebrates Defenders Day. This year, the day came in the midst of a full-scale war with Russia.

Day of Defenders of Ukraine: will Israel’s experience help overcome the discrimination of women in the Ukrainian army?

Today, on October 14, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Defenders of Ukraine. To dispel the Soviet gloom of the "Defender of the Fatherland Day" still honored by some, when boys and men, even though many of them may never be in the army, are given banal presents like cups and socks, we decided to talk about women who defend Ukraine.

Predictions made by foreign experts: who predicted the course of a full-scale war in Ukraine

Since the end of last fall, European and American media have been massively reiterating materials about the build-up of forces by the Russian army, with possible scenarios of what could ensue.