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Energy crisis in Moldova. Ukraine to supply 15 million cubic meters of gas on terms of free return

Moldova has asked for help from Ukraine to provide 15 million cubic meters of natural gas to cover the deficit and ensure the operation of critical infrastructure while it is negotiating with Gazprom.

"Moldova turned to Ukraine with a request to provide about 15 million cubic meters of gas. This is not even close to 1 billion cubic meters," Andriy Gerus, Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy, Housing and Utilities Services, reported.

According to him, yesterday (October 22, 2021—The Page) the NSDC discussed the issue of assistance to Moldova in gas supplies.

Moldova is currently in difficult negotiations with Gazprom to extend a long-term gas supply contract. Therefore, the nomination was reduced to the Moldovan side and a physical shortage of gas was formed in the country, in particular for critical infrastructure facilities.

"Ukraine can help, but wants Moldova to return this gas before the end of winter. After all, in 4 months Moldova will most likely find a permanent gas supplier, and in February Ukraine will most need this gas. Such actions are a certain form of "emergency assistance", this is the right practice of good-neighborly relations," Gerus said.

The MP also clarified that 18.4 billion cubic meters of gas were concentrated at the moment in the underground gas storage facilities of Ukraine. The volume of 15 million cubic meters is 0.08% of the reserves as of today.

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