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The European Union has limited the Ukrainian chicken supply because of the bird flu outbreak

The authorities of the European Union, Singapore, Morocco, Tunisia and Japan have limited the chicken import from Ukraine in connection with bird flu outbreaks in the Kyiv and Mykolaiv regions.

Hong Kong, Belarus and Kazakhstan have also limited the Ukrainian chicken import from the Mykolaiv region, said the Head of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection Vladyslava Magaletska.

According to her, chicken flu (avian influenza) foci were found in the Ivankivsky district of the Kyiv region, and in early December the disease outbreak was detected in the Kherson region. SSUFSCP has already introduced quarantine restrictions.

"This situation is seriously affecting exports, the increase in which has cost so much of the daily efforts of many people. Now Saudi Arabia, Moldova, Israel are exporting poultry industry products with restrictions that relate to a 10 km zone around the outbreak. UAE exports our products with restrictions that relate to a radius of 25 km from the outbreak," said the Head of SSUFSCP.

In the Kyiv region 463 poultry dead carcasses (23 heads of turkeys and 440 heads of chickens) were found on the sidelines on December 23. The birds’ carcasses were found at a distance of about 1 km from Leonivka in the Ivankivsky district in the direction of the village Koblytsia of Borodyansky district.

Quarantine was introduced in these settlements for a period of 72 hours was introduced In these settlements for a period of 72 hours until the final laboratory conclusion on the poultry death causes is received.

"During the study of biomaterial samples taken, a diagnosis of avian influenza has been established (report on the study results of 12/24/2020)."

The regional state administrations of the above-mentioned settlements approved a plan for the bird flu elimination, defined the epizootic foci boundaries, protection and surveillance zones.

All poultry carcasses will be destroyed by incineration.

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