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Revolution redux in Ukraine?

Photo: Mstyslav Chernov

Photo: Mstyslav Chernov

Columnist Jonathan Brunson has written a 1,000 word op-ed published by the Slate daily web magazine wondering whether a third revolution is in store for Ukraine.

According to Brunson, Zelensky and his team (Ze!Team) haven’t made any big mistakes yet, but "overcentralized authority has already twice provoked pro-Western nationalist to overrule a Russia-tolerant electorate."

Quote"Critics claim Zelenski is latently pro-Russian anyway: pointing to Ukrainophobic humor from his comedy career, his hit TV show’s dramatization of a neo-Nazi coup — Russian propaganda depicts Ukraine’s post-revolutionary leaders as fascists—and his appointments of incendiary staff who served the Yanukovych regime ousted by 2014’s "revolution of dignity," writes Brunson.

According to the essay, demonstrations, riots, or revolutions rejecting a government so overwhelmingly elected are exactly what Russia wants: reflexive control that makes Ukraine look more wild, illiberal, and ungovernable than the Kremlin ever could.

Founded in 1996, Slate is a general-interest publication offering analysis and commentary about politics, news, business, technology, and culture.

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