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Ukraine plans to allow arriving from Turkey without compulsory PCR test

It will be possible to return from Turkey without a coronavirus test. Photo: qha.com.ua

It will be possible to return from Turkey without a coronavirus test. Photo: qha.com.ua

Turkey has exempt Ukrainians from the need to show PCR test results when crossing the border. "Therefore, we come up with a tit-for-tat response: those who return from Turkey will also be exempt from the need to show a PCR test," the Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko reported on May 29.

He noted that due to the changes made by the European Union in the criteria for determining the countries from where it is allowed to cross the EU borders without restrictions, Ukraine will also revise such criteria.

"We have developed amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers decrees, and now we are coordinating them with the central executive authorities. We are imposing a list of countries that are attractive from a tourist point of view. The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have identified the countries where a tit-for-tat response will take place," the Minister explained.

At the same time, Lyashko emphasized that at present there is no confirmed official information on the recognition or non-recognition by specific countries of certain vaccines against COVID-19 and on a possible ban on persons who are vaccinated with the "wrong vaccine" from coming to these countries.

Context. Hotels after the cancellation of the lockdown in Turkey will not abandon the all-inclusive buffet system, a spokesperson of the Hoteliers Federation said. Previously, this possibility was reported by some local media.

"The buffet system cannot be canceled in Turkey, however, restaurants in hotels can make changes in the number, variety and type of dish presentation. But they can do this only by agreement with the tour operators," the spokesperson of the hoteliers explained.

The Page talked about what tourists need to know before flying to Turkey from Ukraine.

Turkey imposed a strict lockdown in April due to the decrease in COVID-19 cases. It lasted until May 17.


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