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Industrial price rise accelerates more than fourfold

The rise in producer prices for industrial products in December 2021 accelerated 4.3 times compared to December 2020 and amounted to 62.2%. Within Ukraine, prices of industrial producers last year increased by 74.2%, for supplies outside the country—by 24.5%. This is reported by the State Statistics Service.

In 2020 (December vs December 2019), the rise in prices of the industrial producers amounted to 14.5%, in 2019—7.4%, in 2018—14.2%, in 2017—16.5%, in 2016—35.7%, and in 2015—25.4%.

The prices in the Ukrainian industry in December increased by 2.7% compared to November after rising in November by 4.3%, in October—by 12.5%, in September—by 0.7%, in August—by 5%. 4%, and in July—by 2.6%.

At the same time, it is noted that the average annual increase in prices in industry in 2021 (January—December 2021 vs January—December 2020) amounted to 40.8% after a decline in 2020 by 1.6%, whereas in previous years the price rise had also been recorded: in 2019—by 4.1%, in 2018—by 17.4%, in 2017—by 26.4%, in 2016—by 20.5%, and in 2015—by 36%.

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