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Italy plans to create a logistics corridor to unblock Ukrainian exports

At the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference to be held in Rome at the end of April, Italy intends to present a project for the creation of entry and exit terminals for the Ukrainian economy in the northeastern region of the country.

Italy’s Minister of Economic Development Adolfo Urso said this at a round table of the Italian Confederation of Trade Unions in Venice.

He noted that the Italian government intends to create an intermodal transport highway along the route of International Transport Corridor No. 5 (Venice – Trieste/Koper – Ljubljana – Maribor – Budapest – Uzhgorod – Lviv – Kyiv).

This will provide an opportunity to unblock the exports of Ukrainian goods, including metallurgical products.

Quote"The Black Sea is in fact closed (for Ukraine) because of hostilities. In this situation, there is no other option (to unblock Ukrainian exports) than to ship the goods to the Adriatic using existing railways and roads," Adolfo Urso explained.

To implement the project, a logistics platform will also be created to establish a land connection between Ukraine and the intermodal port of Quadrante Europa in Verona and further with sea ports in the Italian northeast, including Trieste and Venice.

Quote"Therefore, we will provide a new and safe access to the sea for Kyiv, considering the difficulties in using Ukrainian ports at the Black Sea," the minister emphasized.

According to the minister, the logistics corridor between the Quadrante Europa intermodal port in Verona and the Horonda logistics platform in Ukraine’s Zakarpattia region on the border with Slovakia will be completed by the start of the conference in Rome at the end of April 2023.

He added that the project of the Italy—Ukraine logistics corridor will be presented at the Verona logistics fair on March 10.

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