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A new coronavirus medication: what is plitidepsin and how it works

American scientists in the course of research have found that the anticancer medication plitidepsin ("Aplidine") is 30 times more effective in inhibiting the coronavirus replication than remdesivir.

However, so far it is about preclinical research results, in vitro plitidepsin is 27.5 times more effective against SARS-CoV-2 than remdesivir. This is stated in an article in the journal Science.

Scientists also performed an experiment on mice infected with the virus and found that after the medication injection, the virus replication in the lungs decreases by two orders of magnitude. Plitidepsin does not affect the proteins of the virus itself, but on the proteins of the cells that the virus uses to replicate.

In particular, in Spain, another group of researchers tested the medication on humans, it was administered to 45 patients with coronavirus. According to the company’s preliminary data, this reduced the hospitalization duration. 81% of patients were discharged within 15 days.

Context. Remdesivir is used to fight the Ebola virus, Marburg virus, human respiratory syncytial virus, Junin virus, Lassa fever virus and some coronaviruses.

On May 1, the US Food and Drug Administration issued under a simplified procedure an authorization for the remdesivir emergency use For the COVID-19 treatment in the United States.

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