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We will have to pay more: Ministry of Finance raises forecast for payments on public debt in 2022

Servicing the public debt of Ukraine

Servicing the public debt of Ukraine

The Ministry of Finance has made a forecast of payments on public debt this year as of May 1. The forecast was raised by 11.84 billion UAH, or 2% compared to the April forecast, to 584.1 billion UAH.

The highest amount has to be paid in April — June of this year — 167.94 billion UAH. in July — September it is projected at the level of 147.31 billion UAH, in October — December — 133.51 billion UAH.

The highest monthly amount of payments was in February — 75.78 billion UAH.

Domestic debt payments in 2022 increased by 13.97 billion UAH, to 454.92 billion UAH, while external debt payments decreased by 2.14 billion UAH, to 129.18 billion UAH.

The forecast for payments on public debt in 2023 has been increased by 22.53 billion UAH — to 423.44 billion UAH. In 2024, the Ministry of Finance expects payments in the amount of 352.63 billion UAH.

Recall, despite the war, Ukraine has not stopped and does not plan to stop servicing the public debt. Kyrylo Shevchenko, Governor of the NBU, called it "the only right strategy."

Monthly payments on public debt in 2022, billion UAH



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