The first IKEA in Ukraine: less online, but with famous meatballs in the future

The world's largest retailer of furniture and household goods, the Swedish company IKEA has opened its first store in the capital's Blockbuster Mall. The store works on the second floor of the mall, its total area is more than 5 thousand square meters. The store is serviced by six cash desks and about 100 employees.

IKEA in Ukraine will be in the City Store format. The City Store format in Kyiv will be the first in the South-Eastern Europe region (Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia).

City Store is a new IKEA format. Since usually the retailer's stores are located outside the city and contain showrooms and warehouses. IKEA develops the City Store format in the central parts of the cities. They take up less space and give buyers the ability to order online.

"I am happy to congratulate IKEA, Kyiv, and all Ukrainians on the launch of the first physical store in Ukraine. And I am glad that it opens in the capital. We worked together to bring this idea to life. We met 4 years ago in Davos, several times in Kyiv. And now we already see the implementation of our cooperation. This is especially important in such a difficult situation for business in all countries, caused by a pandemic," said the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko at the store’s opening.

The store will be able to serve 500 visitors at the same time because of the quarantine.

There are several zones in IKEA: Living Room, Bedroom, and Kitchen. In total, the store has an assortment of more than 5 thousand products. Of these, 2,000 are available for purchase in a store, and 3,000 are furniture that can be ordered in a store and taken at a pick-up point or by delivery.

There are four pick-up points in Kyiv: in the Metro C&C shopping center, Rive Gauche shopping center, Lavina Mall, and Blockbuster Mall.

It is also planned to open the traditional IKEA format with a 300 sq. m in the IKEA store in Blockbuster Mall, according to The Village. Like in other food zones, signature Meatballs and Hot Dogs will be offered here. The opening is scheduled for 2022.

In the first wave of entering the Ukrainian market, IKEA identified three priority areas: the opening of the first store in Kyiv, the possibility of opening other stores, and the possibility of working with e-commerce. The developer Vagif Aliyev said that the second IKEA store is being prepared to open in the Ocean Mall. To clarify when the launch of the mall is planned, he replied that the opening is being prepared for September 1. IKEA clarifies that they have not yet signed an agreement on making a store in the Ocean Mall.

Context. In September 2017, IKEA decided to enter the Ukrainian market. At first it was reported that it would open in the summer of 2019. Later, the corporation reported that the store would open before the end of 2019. In May 2020, IKEA launched an online store in Ukraine.

The development of the network in Ukraine is carried out by IKEA Southeast Europe.

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