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Oleksandr Kulbachnyi

Oleksandr Kulbachnyi


Czech Republic limits humanitarian benefits to displaced persons from Ukraine

The Parliament of the Czech Republic decided to limit the humanitarian benefits to Ukrainian displaced persons fleeing Russian military aggression.

Poland is preparing for war: Сountry to form two combined arms divisions

The Ministry of Defense of Poland has decided to form two new combined arms divisions that will be deployed along the Vistula River in the central region of the country.

Cabinet of Ministers allows Ukrainians to obtain passports abroad

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the launch of a pilot project for issuing passports abroad.

Ukrainians rate government actions record high — poll

Ukrainian society has been demonstrating maximum cohesion for more than three months. This also applies to support for the actions of the state. In general, 68% of respondents rated the actions of the Ukrainian authorities since the beginning of Russia's war against Ukraine as effective. In addition, 72% consider the actions of the authorities in the field of military defense of the country from the aggressor to be effective.